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Spinal Orthotics

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Using Spinal Orthotics to Improve Posture and Relieve Pain 

It is said that nothing is more important than maintaining good posture for overall spinal health and well-being. However, modern lifestyles often lead to poor posture, causing discomfort and pain for many individuals. Fortunately, advancements in chiropractic care have introduced innovative solutions like Denneroll, Spinal Orthotics that can improve posture and alleviate pain effectively.

Proper posture plays a significant role in supporting the spine’s natural alignment, preventing unnecessary strain on muscles, ligaments, and joints. It allows the body to distribute weight evenly, reducing the risk of injuries and chronic pain.

Sedentary habits, prolonged desk work, improper lifting techniques, and the excessive use of electronic devices are some of the primary contributors to poor posture. Understanding these factors helps identify and address the root cause of postural issues. Persistent poor posture is a well know cause of various musculoskeletal problems, including neck pain, back pain, disc injuries, sciatica and headaches. 


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Introducing Denneroll – Spinal Orthotics 

Denneroll Spinal Orthotics are specialized devices designed to provide targeted support and alignment to the spine. They are heavily researched and uniquely contoured to match the natural curves of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions to promote better posture. They are medical-grade equipment; which means only qualified practitioners can prescribe them, and therefore they can’t just be bought in shops.

To use Denneroll Orthotics, individuals simply lie down on the blocks passively, allowing the devices to gently stretch and realign the spine. This process helps to restore the spine’s natural curvature and reduce the effects of poor posture.

Denneroll Spinal Orthotics offer numerous advantages, including pain relief, improved posture, increased flexibility, and enhanced overall spinal health. Users often experience a noticeable difference in their comfort levels and mobility.

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Assessing Posture-related Issues

Before incorporating Denneroll Orthotics into chiropractic treatment, healthcare professionals conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s posture. This assessment requires an X-ray assessment to determine the most appropriate orthotic and its placement on the spine. 

Denneroll Orthotics are not one-size-fits-all; they come in various models and sizes to suit different individuals’ needs. Likewise, people’s postures can alter in different ways meaning a customized approach ensures that each patient receives the right support tailored to their specific spinal requirements.

One major upside of spinal orthotics is that they are a take-home piece of equipment, arming patients with a corrective tool to use regularly between office visits in order to maintain and  improve outcomes.

Correcting poor posture with Denneroll Orthotics can significantly reduce pain and discomfort caused by musculoskeletal issues as proper spinal alignment helps alleviate pressure on nerves and reduces inflammation. 

Denneroll Orthotics are developed and tested by chiropractic experts, ensuring their safety and efficacy. When used under proper guidance, they are a consistent and reliable tool for improving spinal health.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to see results with Denneroll?
The timeframe for experiencing noticeable results may vary depending on individual factors, but many patients report improvements within a few weeks of regular use.
Can Denneroll Spinal Orthotics be used for all age groups?
Yes, Denneroll Orthotics can benefit individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, when used as part of an appropriate treatment plan.
Can Denneroll Orthotics be used at home?
Yes, the use of Denneroll Orthotics at home is the ideal protocol for this equipment, our DISC clinicians will offer some supervised tester sessions in the clinic to promote understanding and good form before allowing you to take it home.
Are there any potential side effects of using Denneroll Orthotics?
When used correctly under professional guidance, Denneroll Orthotics are generally safe and well-tolerated. However, some individuals may experience mild discomfort initially, as the body doesn’t always take to change easily, this often subsides with continued use.

Our Surbiton clinic is well versed in knowing the right time and condition for the application of orthotics to minimise discomfort.

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