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Dry Needles / Acupuncture

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Today, we want to introduce you to a special modality, as your trusted experts in disc injuries and sciatica our aim is to alleviate pain, restore function, and help you live a healthier, happier life… and dry needling, also known as Western Acupuncture, plays a significant role in achieving this within our practice.

Dry needling has roots that run deep in medical history. Although the name might be new to some, this therapeutic technique has been used for centuries to relieve pain and discomfort. Dry needling emerged as a Western spin on the traditional Eastern practice of acupuncture.

What makes dry needling effective? It all boils down to the science behind it. When the needle is inserted into a trigger point in your muscle, it leads to a local twitch response. This response, in turn, helps reduce muscle tension, promotes healing, and enhances your range of motion.

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Dry needling serves as a complementary technique to our chiropractic adjustments. We find it particularly useful in managing chronic conditions such as sciatica, disc injuries, and arthrosis after their inflammatory stage.

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You’ll probably have just noted there is a word of caution here, as a clinic that specialises in slipped discs and trapped nerves people think that acupuncture is a no-brainer to release the inevitable muscle spasm occurring alongside. However, its important to understand the body’s defence mechanism is clever, and muscle spasm, especially when dealing with acute onset pain is designed to protect the structures underneath.

To this end we must respect that dry needling is a powerful way to relax the muscle in a short space of time, potentially removing the defence mechanism and bring more pressure onto the damaged disc, further exacerbating the patient’s condition. So, both we at DISC Surbiton and the NHS in general, do not recommend using acupuncture in the acute phase of a trapped nerve of slipped disc.

The rest of this article will therefore outline the potential benefits for patients who have moved beyond those very first angry day and are now in the slow living hell that is chronic pain.

When performed by trained professionals, Dry needling is a safe and effective technique that can bring numerous benefits to our patients.

It focuses on releasing trigger points, those tight knots in muscles, providing effective pain relief for our patients, by deactivating trigger points and promoting muscle relaxation, dry needling helps reduce painful muscle spasms.

Patients often experience improved flexibility following a treatment session, leading to better overall movement and range of motion.

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Additionally, Dry needling stimulates blood flow to the treated areas, promoting faster healing and tissue repair. Better blood supply also aids in the reduction of inflammation that when chronic is detrimental to healing.

Through targeting neural pathways, dry needling can reduce nerve sensitivity and alleviate nerve-related pain, such as sciatica. As well as release of Endorphins and Natural Painkillers therefore triggering the body’s natural pain-relieving mechanism.

Over time dry needling can enhanced neural connectivity and motor control which strengthens neural connections, leading to better motor control and coordination and by addressing muscular imbalances and tension, dry needling can help improve posture and alignment, reducing strain on the spine.

Dry needling is generally safe when performed by trained professionals, with minimal after effects, such as mild soreness.

At The DISC Chiropractors, we believe in offering our patients a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing, and dry needling plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Our experienced chiropractors are well-versed in this art and are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. Experience the benefits of dry needling as part of your chiropractic journey with us today!


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