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Thigh Pain

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The thigh region is prime territory for muscle complaints, such as tight hamstrings or quads as well as issues with the iliotibial band or groin strains from tight adductor groups. However, here at The DISC Chiropractors the majority of cases involving thigh pain involve a referral pattern from the low back and discs

See this guide to referral patterns for a better understanding

A quick, generalised summary of referral pain in the thigh would be:

Diffuse achy pain, in hip or hamstring (doesn’t pass the knee): – referred pain from the joints of the lumbar spine and/or pelvis/hips and their surrounding musculature.

Sharp distinct pain: – radicular pain from the nerve root, most likely due to lumbar disc damage or arthritis.

Sciatic nerve: Back of the leg, often passes the knee into calf and foot.

Femoral nerve: side and/or front of thigh, can affect knee joint directly.

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Notably the symptoms of leg or thigh pain associated with a trapped nerve in the back, often can only be felt in the leg and not in the back despite this being the location of the injury.

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