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Spinal Decompression Therapy - Non Surgical Treatment

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Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal Decompression Therapy is the No. 1 non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for Slipped Discs and Trapped Nerves.

Spinal Traction has been used to treat back pain since the days of ancient Greece and its back with a bang. With modern advances in technology, traction for the spine has been taken to a whole new level of success, especially when treating advanced conditions such as Disc Herniations and Sciatica.

Key to its modern success is the computerisation of the decompression tables, allowing a gentle, rhythmical, wave-like ‘pull’ pattern, which allows the muscles of the spine to relax more under traction, creating a negative pressure inside spinal discs, capable of sucking in disc bulges and herniations.

This, in turn, has mostly reduced the risk of side effects such as the muscle spasms associated with its more medieval, “rack-like” predecessors.

Decompression Tables are the No.1 non-surgical treatment option
for slipped discs and disc herniations.

Our Spinal Decompression Treatment Protocol averages an amazing
80% improvement
over a short 9-week period*

* Internal Clinic Audit

decomprssion Therapy Vs Idd therapy

At DISC, Surbiton we have the latest version of Decompression tables… DOC tables. With each generation, decompression technology has improved and thankfully become more compact.

Modern decompression tables allow for greater traction, using less force. DOC tables have the capability of being able to perform either lower back decompression or neck decompression with equal safety and effectiveness.

Just like all good things, there are multiple decompression table brands on the market. IDD therapy tables are one of the more popular in the UK but in my humble opinion are a bit old school.

Having worked with both machines the practicality of our DOC decompression tables far outmatched the IDD therapy tables I used to work with.

Whilst both allow for lumbar decompression and cervical decompression, IDD therapy’s fixed positioning was not as flexible as the DOC tables we now have.

Our Modern decompression tables allow us to position patients face up, or face down, they can be angled up or down, side to side and even placed in rotation. Allowing us to find positions of greater comfort for the patient, something simply not possible with the IDD therapy tables I have used.

Most importantly this increased versatility allows us to achieve greater traction at a lesser force, improving results and reducing discomfort.



Decompression Therapy has proven to be effective in treating most disc related conditions, including:

Untitled 1

Slipped (herniated) Discs

Untitled 1


Untitled 1

Degenerative Disc Disease

Untitled 1

Pinched Nerves

Untitled 1

Chronic neck or back pain

Untitled 1

Spinal Stenosis

Disc 166


Spinal Decompression Machines work by gently stretching the spine. Patients lie on the table and using a harness system, the computerised technique begins decompressing the spine by applying a percentage of the patient’s body weight as a traction force.

A human intervertebral disc has one disastrous design flaw… no direct blood supply. Which makes getting the necessary nutrients to heal difficult.

By creating a negative pressure via a decompression table, we can flood the gel centre of the disc with abundant hydration enhancing the body’s ability to repair.

Furthermore, the vacuum effect of Spinal Decomp. has been shown to help resorb disc protrusions and herniations allowing scar tissue to effectively rebuild the previously damaged outer walls.

As a result of relieving the pressure and creating a nonhostile environment, the natural flow of nutrients (via the vertebral bodies) can be restored to provide a lasting relief and continued healing long after treatment.

Our 2019 clinical audit of patients who completed our flagship
Decompression Therapy Protocol showed:


Success Rate


Average Improvement



Disc 113

Spinal decompression: A personal connection

 Ever since our Clinic Director suffered a fall which resulted in a double disc herniation, fixing Disc Injuries has become the obsession of our clinic so much so that in late 2022 we rebranded the clinic and officially became:

The DISC Chiropractors. (read here)

Spinal Decompression Treatments are at the heart of our disc injury protocols, which have been developed over the last 6 years. As a clinic we have overseen thousands of Spinal Decompression cases involving disc injuries and trapped nerves, our tried and tested techniques are able to provide consistently good results.

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