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Specialist Sciatica Treatment in Surbiton

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how to TREAT sciatica?

Surprisingly, many sciatica sufferers feel their leg pain far outweighs their back pain. Making sciatica treatment somewhat confusing, and many patients are at a loss for ideas on how to treat sciatica.

The NHS states that 90% of sciatica is due to DISC Herniations, yet NHS Sciatica Treatment plans seem to be a game of wait and hope.

Since our own Clinic Directors battle with sciatica, finding solutions and effective sciatica treatments has become the obsession of the clinic. To the point, where we have now rebranded as a specialist centre of excellence.

Sciatica treatment fundamentally comes down to the source of the trapped nerve; this and the amount of time it has been in play, are the major factors affecting decision-making in sciatica treatment.

One of our main keys to success when treating sciatica is to start by understanding its complex nature by performing a thorough examination to assess and diagnose all the different structures that could be failing which feed into DISC damage and nerve irritation.

Anyone who has fallen foul of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ nature of online sciatica exercises knows the importance of this statement!

Most Common Causes Of Sciatica:

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Disc Herniation

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While chiropractic treatment can be effective for sciatica, it’s important to choose a chiropractor skilled and experienced in handling disc injuries, as this requires specialized knowledge and techniques.

There is a juxtaposition in the sciatica conversation, as all the following statements are true:

  • Acute Disc Injuries don’t respond well to twisting i.e. Manipulation
  • 90% of Sciatica is from Disc Injuries (NHS)
  • Chiropractors get good results treating leg pain from spinal origins.

This means that not all leg pain is sciatica and not all disc injuries are severe; with most cases falling into the grey area between these positions, meaning results can vary and it’s easy to see how there are millions of suffering patients without the support of effective sciatica treatments.

Chiropractic care is generally very safe, yet if you already have damage to the disc then a physical manual adjustment could be seen to be the thing that flares the issue… It is crucial to find an experienced clinician who has experience in knowing when it is safe to and more importantly when it may not be prudent to adjust.

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Sciatica Treatment


what is the best sciatica treatment?

The best treatment for sciatica often involves a combination of methods, with Spinal Decompression Therapy (SDT) standing out as a key approach due to its effectiveness in relieving nerve pressure.

With sciatica being most commonly thought to be caused by a crushed nerve in the lower back, it is no surprise that sciatica treatment focuses on decompressing the nerve.

Surgeons have targeted this with limited success vis chopping out the disc or shaving off adjacent bones. However, less than 5% of sciatica cases are deemed suitable for surgery.

Fortunately, there is now a non-invasive form of Decompression that does not require any surgery…
Spinal Decompression Therapy (SDT), which is the modern evolution of Spinal Traction.

Key to its success, is the ability to create a negative pressure in the disc, sucking in bulges and flooding the disc with healing nutrients, leading to long-lasting results.

Some Of The Key Sciatica Pain Symptoms Are:

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Leg pain is worse than back pain

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Pain passes the knee

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Burning tingling or numbness in the leg

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The leg feels weak or heavy

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Pain is generally only on one side

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Pain jumps to the lower leg

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Sharp stabbing pain in the leg

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Pain on activity/sudden movement

Best Sciatica treatment CONTINUED…

SDT is the workhorse of the clinic’s sciatica program but it’s not the only trick up our sleeve.

Function Mobility: Disc injuries and Sciatica don’t happen in isolation, generally, there is a cascade of dysfunction throughout the spine and pelvis that needs to be addressed alongside the trapped nerve.

In mild cases, Chiropractic Care remains the gold standard but, in those cases, where manual therapy is reactive, Instrument-Assisted Adjusting offers a gentle, yet effective substitute.

Laser therapy: non-invasive light energy reduces inflammation and eases pain in tough cases.

Neuro-Muscular Stimulation: can provide electrifying results by resetting leg pain through electrical stimulation.

Finally, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of a structured Rehabilitative Program. Please don’t confuse a tailored, individual rehab plan like the one you will receive at The Disc Chiropractors, Surbiton, with the millions of internet experts delivering one-size-fits-all programs, often leaving patients worse than when they started.

Understanding your condition’s origin massively dictates your ability to perform exercises safely, without an expert assessment it’s impossible to have peace of mind that you’re on the right track when twinges inevitably happen.

Our unique Sciatica Treatment Program offers excellent results in just a few short weeks, with a 93% Satisfaction rating and an average of 80% Improvement.

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