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Instrument Assisted Adjusting - Chiropractic Alternative

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instrument assisted adjusting

Instrument-assisted adjusting uses a gentle tapping/percussion format to deliver a gentle spinal release that in many cases can replace the need for chiropractic manipulation.

When this clinic first started in 2007, shockwave adjusting, as it was then known, was the very first technology that we introduced as part of our mainstream treatments.

It was borne out of the belief that not everybody likes the idea of being clicked or cracked by a chiropractor, and whilst this is still true it has grown to become a fundamental part of our treatment process when dealing with tough cases such as highly inflamed disc injuries.

It’s a simple fact that manual therapists (e.g., chiropractors, osteopaths & physiotherapists) and disc injuries don’t always mix. All too often the action of trying to relieve pain can flare up disc injuries, leaving patients often in greater distress than before.

Instrument-Assisted Adjusting provides a genuine chiropractic alternative that enables us to stimulate dysfunctional joints without twisting and angering the discs that they sit beside.

“Instrument Assisted Adjusting is the key to unlocking cases where stronger chiropractic manipulative therapies are contraindicated… such as patients with advanced arthritis or inflamed disc injuries”

Clinic Director | DISC

Our Instrument Assisted Adjusting uses an oscillating, percussion hammer, or in other words a mini jackhammer; but in our case, the concrete we are breaking down is the tension and scar tissue which binds the spinal joints and stiffens the adjacent muscles when they’re dysfunctional.

Instrument-Assisted Adjusting has been commonplace in chiropractic since the 1960’s, however like everything recent advances in technology have allowed old single tap units to be progressed into modern repetitive tapping systems set at exact frequencies to stimulate function.



As a Chiropractic Alternative, Instrument-Assisted Adjusting has proven to be effective in patients who would otherwise be contraindicated for certain manipulative therapies, such as in cases of:

  • Slipped (herniated) Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-Surgical Cases
  • Muscle Guarding/Spasms


Just like many things in life its hard to demonstrate virtually how something feels…

Additionally, when something sounds like a machine gun new patients often are fearful of instrument-assisted adjusting until they experience it. It is the most conservative way of mobilising the spine as it is virtually contraindication-free.

Fortunately, the technology is easily demonstrated to patients during their consultation process and its gentle nature is easy to get across

We have used this technology on patients ranging from tiny infants to elderly centurions, and whilst it serves as an ideal foil for those tough cases, in truth we use it on 99% of our patients.

With 15 years of experience using this technology, we have an abundance of techniques that we use as ‘warm-up’ protocols that proceed with our manual chiropractic adjustments or stand along as solo treatment protocol.

The combination of classic chiropractic techniques with this modern technology represents to us a gold standard of care, with each aspect elevating the other to achieve results above and beyond individual practices.

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