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About Us

The DISC Chiropractors are the First Focused Clinic to the

Assessment and Treatment of d Slipped Discs and Trapped Nerves.

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Time To Stand Out From The Crowd

The direction of our Clinic changed dramatically in 2017, when our Clinic Director had a nasty fall whilst hiking, which left him with an L5 Disc Herniation & subsequent Sciatica, this incident has since focused the direction of the clinic, becoming a specialist center for the treatment of Disc Injuries and Nerve Related Pain.

We came to realise there is a vast group of back pain patients who were currently being overlooked by mainstream medicine whilst at the same time being considered ‘too hot to handle’ for many of our manual therapy colleagues (Chiropractors, Osteopaths & Physiotherapists).

Now, as of 2022, after many years accumulating knowledge & experience we have rebranded as “The Disc Chiropractors”… the U.K.’s first Chiropracatic Clinic that focuses on Disc Injuries and the Irritated Nerves that follow.


“The DISC Chiropractors” as a concept and a brand has been in development through several generations of chiropractors and at this point is entering the final evolution of a working philosophy that has been many years in the making.

Our clinic first opened in Worcester Park, Surrey in 2007 and came to be known as the original ProBack Clinic, but soon we needed larger premises with better commuter links which made a move to Surbiton in 2012 necessary. Having joined the clinic as an associate in 2010 our Clinic Director remembers that one of his earliest challenges was to incorporate his functional assessment techniques such as Kinesiology with ProBack’s focus on Technology. ProBack founder utilised Instrument Assisted Adjusting tools which helped mobilse stiff joints and muscles. As our knowledge base grew, and we added the additional technologies of Spinal Decompression and Laser Therapy. The Proback group expanded into Central London & Dr David became managing partner at our Surbiton Branch affording him more control over the direction in which the clinic evolved. We have always felt it was important to maintain our traditional adjusting skills alongside the more technology centric approach of our then sister clinic.

In 2017, following a traumatically induced disc injury of his own (Dr Davids Origin story), he came to realise that something in our core mission statement was amiss. What had become clear to us, was that having the technology as the central focus of our brand was a mistake and that we should be more focused on the conditions being treated such as Slipped Discs and Sciatica.

Fortunately, when he had his injury, David was already in a place that had the equipment necessary to vastly improve his immeadiate pain, but what was lacking was an understanding of the protocols and rehabilitation needed to work alongside that technology.
Five years on, and having pieced together research and references from across the globe… We’re excited to be launching the UK’s first tried and tested, dedicated Chiropractic Program designed to resolve Disc Injuries. We are thankful to our ProBack family for their support and understanding as we take a step away and become an Independent Clinic, simply known as “The DISC Chiropractors”.

I was very impressed with everything, from the ease of booking, availability of appointment times, and the reception when I arrived. Nicole was very thorough, professional and personable and put me at my ease and I had nothing but complete confidence in her and her ability.

- Jason Smith

Our Technology

A major factor in our clinics success with Advanced Back Injuries is our ability to use the multitude of equipment which we have available in our Surbiton Clinic. Often it is the combination of our technology that proves to be key in unlocking these tough cases.

Alongside Traditional Chiropractic Care, DISC clinicians can call upon Spinal Decompression Therapy (to traction Disc Injuries and Trapped Nerves), Instrument Assisted Adjusting (for a more gentle mobilisation effect) & Laser Therapy (to reduce Inflammation). These constitute the four pillars for our tried and tested protocols.