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Surbiton Chiropractor:
Disc Injury And Sciatica Specialists

UK’s 1st Chiropractic Clinic Dedicated to Slipped Discs & Trapped Nerves

Our Advanced Treatment Protocols have gained The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton, an International reputation for treating some of the most difficult DISC & Non-DISC conditions, including:

Herniated / Slipped DISC

The No1. Cause for Sciatica and Trapped Nerves
(Source NHS)

The No1. Cause for Sciatica and Trapped Nerves
(Source NHS). As much as 90% of Sciatica is quated as disc related.

Sciatica / Trapped Nerves

Example of a Pain Pattern in the Leg, associated with a Tapped or Irritated Nerve

Example of a Pain Pattern in the Leg, associated with a Tapped or Irritated Nerve. Over a million UK sufferers every year.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Arthritic Discs & Spondylosis are often discounted as a source of pain and classified as normal.

Recent Research suggest they often can be Highly Inflamed and very sore.


A leading cause of generalised Back Pain & Nerve Irritation through Arthritic Changes to the bony structures.


Welcome to The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton’s Premier Chiropractic Clinic

Celebrating over 15 years of excellence, The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton, proudly stands as the UK’s first Chiropractic Clinic  specialising in disc injuries, degenerative discs, sciatica, and trapped nerves.

As the original Surbiton Chiropractors, our clinic has long represented hope for those suffering from these debilitating advanced conditions.


The journey began with a personal quest: our Clinic Director’s own battle with sciatica, which led to the development of  our groundbreaking protocols.

Our 2022 rebrand, is reflective of our journey to combine the latest, research-backed techniques and the most advanced technology worldwide, offering the UK’s first comprehensive program tailored for disc injuries and nerve entrapments.


As the top-rated Surbiton Chiropractor, our reputation is built on our unique blend of traditional chiropractic expertise and state-of-the-art technology. This combined approach magnifies the potential outcomes in complex cases.

Join us at The DISC Chiropractors, where advanced care meets compassion, right in the heart of Surbiton.



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At The DISC Chiropractor, Surbiton, our combination of Traditional Chiropractic Treatments with the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies makes us the most Advanced Back Pain Treatment Program in the UK.

Dr David Brown

Clinic Director & Doctor of Chiropractic

In Surbiton, Chiropractors like our team at DISC are uniquely equipped to handle complex cases like Slipped Discs and Sciatica.
While many talented clinicians across the country have their preferred niche, few are adequately trained to successfully treat slipped discs, which remain a speciality area lacking in global understanding.

For those struggling with Slipped Discs and Trapped Nerves, finding effective treatment can be challenging.
Many of our patients, before finding us in Surbiton have unsuccessfully consulted numerous medical professionals without finding relief.

Thankfully, as a Surbiton Chiropractor specialising in Disc Injuries, my team and I have been able to develop advanced treatment protocols at The DISC Chiropractors.
Our unique combination of therapies is specifically tailored to target these complex conditions, offering hope and solutions where others may not.


Our Flagship traction protocol specifically designed for repairing slipped discs and trapped nerves.


Our Surbiton Chiropractors form a clinical team consisting of decades of experience treating DISC and Non-DISC injuries alike.


Free MRI review service. Too many pain generating conditions get labelled normal


Painlessly mobilse and treat inflamed DISC’s and muscles, without the need to twist or crack the joints.


DISC has a full digital X-ray suite. Weightbearing xrays are often vital in assessing DISC and nerve pain patterns


Reduces inflammation using red light energy on irritated nerves, joints, and muscles. Aka the firefighter of the clinic


From small steps to compound exercises each patient sets their own rehabilitation speed. But nothing quite eases pain like getting moving.

I was very impressed with everything, from the ease of booking, availability of appointment times, and the reception when I arrived. Nicole was very thorough, professional and personable and put me at my ease and I had nothing but complete confidence in her and her ability.

– Jason Smith, DISC Patient 2022


There are many different viewpoints on the pros and cons of getting advanced imaging, at The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton, because we deal day in day out with advanced cases in a lot of pain; we have onsite digital x-ray facilities, enabling us to instantly get a better understanding of complex cases.

However, many patients come to us frustrated that they have already had MRI scans performed and they have been told either that they are normal or that they are not a good candidate for surgery. (Click for MRI review service)

Happily, here at The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton we have spent years bridging this gap with the latest technology, so even when you’ve been fobbed off and told there is nothing wrong… we have options which often key in unlocking even the toughest of cases, without the need for surgery!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are clinicians trained to identify and treat joint, nerve, and muscle conditions particularly those related to the spine. They are known for using hands-on adjusting techniques or manipulations to improve mobility and reduce pain.


Is there an effective alternative to Chiropractic Care available at DISC, Surbiton?

Yes. Our Surbiton-based Chiropractic Clinic has specialised equipment able to gently deliver mobility and relief, without the need to twist or crack joints. It is known as Instrument-Assisted Adjusting and uses a percussion-based tool similar to a massage gun, but specifically designed for the spine.
It is generally considered more gentle than manipulation and can be used in cases where adjustments might be contraindicated.



What makes The DISC Chiropractors, the best option in Surbiton?

The DISC Chiropractors, Surbiton, offer an advanced form of chiropractic care that transcends the traditional approach. Our innovative approach combines classic chiropractic adjustments with the latest cutting-edge technology which is especially impactful in cases involving Slipped Discs or Trapped Nerves like Sciatica.

What specialised treatments are available at The Disc Chiropractors, Surbiton?

The Disc Chiropractors, Surbiton are the only local clinic with the following advanced technology: Xray facilities (diagnostic), Spinal Decompression (Traction), K-Laser (improve healing rates),  Instrument-Assisted Adjustment (chiropractic alternative), HiFrequency ElectroMagnet (core and pelvic floor stabilisation/rehab), and Neuromuscular Stimulation (damaged nerves).

All as part of tried and tested treatment protocols!

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

SDT is a non-surgical, slipped disc treatment designed to gently traction the disc allowing it to regenerate and un-trap the associated nerve. The treatment is gentle and effective at treating bulges, protrusion, and herniations as well as conditions such as sciatica that often happen alongside disc damage.
SDT is also an effective solution for stubborn chronic back pain or degenerative conditions. It can be performed on the back or neck depending on the location of the patient’s complaint.

Do you only treat Disc Injuries at The DISC Chiropractors?

Nope! We are a full-service,  head-to-toe chiropractic clinic. In fact, we’re Surbiton’s oldest chiropractic clinic! However, over the past few years, we have specialised in slipped disc treatments after an injury to our Clinic Director.
Now, we can confidently asses and diagnose each patient and, where appropriate, rule out our advanced protocols by proceeding with traditional, chiropractic, back pain treatments.


The DISC Chiropractors Surbiton are recognised by most major reputable insurance companies.

We appreciate that private medical insurance policies can be complicated, please feel free to call our Surbiton clinic reception on the number below to confirm any details of your policy with our team prior to booking.

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