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The Disc Injury & Sciatica Centre


UK’s first focused Clinic
To the assessment & treatment of
Disc & nerve pain

New Name
Same Location – Same Team – Same great service

ProBack Clinics – Surbiton

The Disc Injury & Sciatica Centre


Formerly: ProBack Clinics – Surbiton

New Name- Same Location – Same Team – Same great service

The U.K’s first Chiropractic Clinic focused on the Disc and nerve pain

Time to stand out from the crowd

As many of you know in 2017 our Clinic Director had an accident which left him with an L5 disc herniation & subsequent sciatica, this incident has since focused the direction of the clinic, becoming a specialist center for the treatment of disc injuries and nerve related pain.

We came to realise there is a vast group of back pain patients who were currently being overlooked by mainstream medicine whilst at the same time being considered ‘too hot to handle’ for many of my manual therapy colleagues (Chiropractors, osteopaths & physiotherapists).

With this in mind, we are looking to re-launch as the U.K.’s first chiropracatic… Disc Injury & Sciatica Centre Or D.I.S.C. for short!

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Combining Talent with Technology

D.I.S.C. will continue ProBack’s mission to be a market leader in the advancement of cutting edge technological for the treatments of spinal conditions. For 15 years as ProBack we have developed unique protocols that offer an alternative approach to manipulation, which ultimately left us ideally placed to treat some of the hardest back conditions around.

Our unique combination of Radial Shockwave, Class IV Laser and Spinal Decompression Therapies have helped us unlock many of the most difficult cases, and we are currently in the research and development phase of 2 new technologies soon to be added to the arsenal. To our knowledge, we remain the most technologically advanced back care clinic in the UK.



Disc injuries

degenerative disc disease

Same team – Same great service

This Re-Brand is far from a new idea but the culmination of years of clinical and personal development. We have been excited over the past few years with the direction the clinic has been developing in but fear not, we have no intention of losing where we came from. The team is staying together and will continue to provide the same high standard of care we have become known for in our community over the past 15 years.
Whilst we may have a bold new name, we remain a full-service chiropractic clinic; we will of course keep on providing care for those loyal patients who continue to use our services for maintenance care, and as ever are more than happy to assess and treat patients who have conditions that differ from our target specialty.

I was very impressed with everything, from the ease of booking, availability of appointment times, and the reception when I arrived. Nicole was very thorough, professional and personable and put me at my ease and I had nothing but complete confidence in her and her ability.

– Janet

Been a long journey to sort my back and neck but the whole team have been really supportive and helpful. Dimitris and Katie have been great at offering advice on how build the strength in my back which has led to me feeling better than I have for years.

– Tracey

Always a top notch service. An excellent balance of care, understanding of my health and reminder of my own responsibility on recovery.

– Carla