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Hip Pain

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The Pelvis & Hips are a complex couple of joints composed of several bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. All these structures must work together for the hip to maintain its structure, function, and mobility.

The hip is the primary mover in the area; however, it is reliant on the mobility of the pelvic joints and lumbar spine, as well as correct nerve communication, to remain at its functional best.

However, the hips repetitive movement pattern (walking) can lead to restricted movement, which can result in pain. This pain can range from a dull ache to a sharp stinging and can come and go or be constant. Hip pain initially tends to be worse upon activity however a tell-tale sign of advancing arthritic hip problems is seen when pain is worse after a period of rest e.g., first thing in the morning.


Poor function in the Hips and Pelvis can often create Muscular Pain in the Gluteal Muscles which can also often Refer Pain into the Thighs.

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Many of the issues affecting the pelvis such as Sacroiliac Syndrome, Facet Dysfunction and Disc Iinjuries have been covered elsewhere, but one theme of all these is that their failure can cause muscle weakness and create functional instability in the pelvic and hip joints, in other words although the hip muscles are the ones inflamed its likely there is a cascade of reactions from other conditions feeding into a now complex pain pattern.

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